#105 Dirty Hands Soap

Great Soap for People Who Get Their Hands Dirty!

.....Gardners, Mechanics, Construction Workers, Farmers.....

Shea Butter, cocoa butter, 4 types of exfoliants, colloidal oatmeal, and raw cow milk are just a few of the wonderful ingredients inside this soap.

The fragrance is oatmeal, milk, and honey. 

The weight is approx 4-5ounces per bar of soap.


Soap Ingredients:

Tallow, raw cow milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil,

shea butter, coco butter, glycerin, fragrance, pumice, pine soap, apricot

kernel meal, jojoba beads, coffee grounds, titanium dioxide, colloidal

oatmeal, mica

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